Engaging Change

Between digital and analog channels, opportunities to reach audiences are more diverse and plentiful than ever, but actual engagement is more challenging, especially if you’re trying to influence a change in behavior. Windows to engage are short, and competition for that time is fierce. Offering the right engaging moment at the right time can amplify efforts to grow relationships and build influence with your audience.

With many variables in play, a set of basic guidelines for engaging moments helps direct design choices, analyze gaps, and optimize results as part of a rapid prototyping and iteration.


Good user experience impacts audience behavior through engaging moments that guide a user’s behavior change journey. Successful engaging moments apply the right influence at the right time, but determining which influence is right requires a deeper understanding of your audience.

Give audiences the appropriate engaging moment for where they are in their journey

  • WHAT an audience needs to do, their goal, or their problem to solve initiates their awareness and the path they take to succeed
  • WHY an audience should act connects them to the action with motivation and purpose, turning it into an investment
  • HOW an audience achieves their goal or completes their task depends on their education of the options available to them

Tailor moments to optimize audience engagement at every step of their journey

  • WHO an audience is transcends demographic details to account for their needs, challenges, habits, and influences
  • WHEN an audience has the appetite to engage, as well as a relevant connection, is the best time present information
  • WHERE an audience is at the time of delivery, where they are in their journey, and where the message appears impacts reception

The concepts for Engaging Change were developed collaboratively with Dr. David Nickelson, PsyD, JD.